Best Bissell Vacuum In 2021

If you’ve ever gone shopping for vacuum cleaners before, you’ve probably seen Bissell around. It’s considered a household name in the market, after all.

Bissell certainly has a sound reputation, and for good reason. Their vacuum cleaners are reliable, good quality, and usually budget-friendly.

Today, you can expect to meet some new vacuum cleaners. I’ll walk you through our rankings and reveal our pick for the best Bissell vacuums. Let’s jump into it!

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Does Bissell Make A Good Vacuum?

In short, yes. Bissell makes dependable and impressive vacuum cleaners.

Whether you’re looking for canisters, upright models, stick units, or handheld vacs, Bissell is guaranteed to have a product worthy of your consideration.

Plus, the Bissell warranty lasts for two years after purchase. They’re noted for their excellent customer service as well. So if you run into any problems, don’t worry. You’re covered.

However, to make a good purchase, you need to check your vacuum first. Is it compatible with your needs? Your surfaces?

Different vacuums cater to different situations. For example, some Bissell vacuums are marketed as “secondary” vacuums, i.e. vacuums you have on the side for light cleaning. If you’re looking for something more heavy-duty, then you should consider a Bissell canister.

Which Is a Better Vacuum Bissell or Hoover?

Both companies have been standing in the market for over 100 years. They’ve catered to thousands, if not more, of satisfied customers. But which company makes a better vacuum?

For starters, both companies are budget-friendly. They cut back on prices more than other competitors, even when it concerns some other more “specialized” vacuums.

Is Hoover Better Than Bissel?

There are many similarities. Yet, there are just as many differences between the two household names.


How much can your vacuum really lift? Suction power will determine whether your unit can lift large debris or not. Usually, canisters have the most powerful suction. Yet, there are some upright models out there that have impressive suction power.

Hoover vacuums are characterized by their Windtunnel technology. They offer moderately strong suction. However, they’re not always compatible with all types of surfaces.

For example, they can lift large debris off of hardwood floors. They can also agitate embedded dirt. However, they don’t always excel with carpeted floors.

Meanwhile, Bissell vacuums have incredibly powerful suction. They’re particularly helpful if you’re a pet owner. If you’ve got a hairy friend that loves to shed, a Bissell vacuum could be the solution to your problem.


How big is your home? If you have a small apartment, you need to keep space in mind. There’s a lot of it that you don’t want to unnecessarily sacrifice.

Hoover vacuum cleaners aren’t completely ideal for small apartments. This isn’t because of their weight or size. They’re often lightweight and compact. Yet, they’re not exactly maneuverable. They can be hard to swivel in a restricted space, especially when you’re trying to clean around or under objects or furniture.

However, Bissell models are often easy to steer. There’s also the two-way folding handle feature. This is a feature that lets you fold the handle. When doing that, you can access hard-to-reach or extremely tight places.


A filter is important in any vacuum cleaner. It keeps the dust from escaping out into the air. Without one, your vacuum will just pass dust back into the room.

Hoover filters usually have high-efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filters. These filters are designed to catch the very finest of dust and trap them in. For asthmatics and those who suffer from allergies, I’d recommend looking for HEPA filters in vacuum cleaners. They’re a must.

On the other hand, Bissell usually employs regular filters. These filters are both washable and removable. Although they’re not HEPA filters, they perform their job efficiently.

Which Brand Is Better Bissell or Dirt Devil?

Now, Dirt Devil is just as much of a household name as Hoover. It’s a few years younger, though. While Hoover was created in the late 1890s, Dirt Devil was founded in 1905.

Fast forward more than 100 years later: how does the brand hold up against Bissell?


If you’ve heard about Dirt Devil, then you’ve heard about their 3-in-1 versatility. What this means is that you can transform your Dirt Devil stick unit into a handheld or “utility” unit. This feature can be a big help when it comes to above-floor cleaning.

Bissell offers the 2-in-1 solution: most of the Bissell stick vacuums can be converted to handheld vacuums. This makes them ideal for things like cleaning your car or RV. They’re also highly travel-friendly, so you can assuage your inner clean-freak by always having them by your side.

However, such vacuums aren’t intended for heavy-duty cleaning. Instead, they’re mostly for on-the-go cleanings, like picking up pet hair or spilled cereal.

Bagless or Bagged?

When buying a vacuum, you have two options. You could opt for either a bagless or a bagged vacuum.

A bagless vacuum means you settle for a dirt cup. On the contrary, bagged vacuums use sealed bags instead.

Both Dirt Devil and Bissell offer a number of bagless vacuums. This means you save up on the extra fee, since you don’t have to buy any vacuum bags.

But there’s a trade-off: your vacuum will require frequent emptying. Plus, you could cause a huge mess when emptying it, especially if it’s been collecting dust. This could be a huge disadvantage if you have allergies.

What Is the Best Vacuum for the Money?

If you’re looking to get good value for your money, look no further. This is where Bissell excels. It’s lightweight, compact, powerful, and excellent with pet hair. Some models could be transformed into handheld units.

While most Bissell Upright models aren’t designed for heavy-duty cleaning, some canister units are perfectly suited for the task. For a modest amount of money, you get all that you need.

The Best Bissell Vacuum Cleaners Ranked

The search is over! Here, I’ve gathered some of the best Bissell models for you to check out. They’re varied, they’re lightweight, and they’re suitable for pets.

Without further ado, here are the best Bissell vacuum cleaners ranked.

1. BISSELL 22889 ICONpet Cordless Lightweight Stick Hand Vacuum Cleaner

best bissell vacuum - ICONpet

A cordless vacuum, this unit is supposed to give you all the mobility you need. This could be especially helpful in limited spaces, like small apartments.

The thing is, cordless models aren’t really useful if the battery doesn’t last. However, this unit runs on a 22v lithium-ion battery.

This vacuum was made with your Shepherds and Danes in mind. After all, the brushroll can spin up to 3200 RPM. It’ll make sure to leave no hair behind. 

This vacuum is particularly great with hardwood for one reason. It has LED lights. With these lights on, you can clearly see the areas that need vacuuming. You could even vacuum in the dark.

One user particularly noted how good it was for different floors. He liked that they could smoothly go from cleaning carpets to bare floors. Plus, they get the freedom they want without any cords.


  • Good suction
  • Effective with pet hair
  • Decent battery life
  • Includes LED lights


  • Works on rugs, but is only effective when the highest setting is on

2. BISSELL 2252 Cleanview Swivel Pet Upright Bagless Vacuum Cleaner

best bissell vacuum - Cleanview Swivel

So this is another Bissell vacuum that’s excellent when it comes to eliminating pet hair. You even get special accessories. It’s all about the pet tools, which go so far as to include a pet hair corner tool.

There are no doubts that this vacuum is maneuverable. It’s equipped with swivel-steering, which gives you the flexibility of movement that you need. You can turn around furniture and other objects without the vacuum seeming too heavy.

This is a bagless vacuum cleaner. If you’re sensitive to dust, or you’re an asthmatic, I’d say look for another Bissell bagged model. If you’re not, you shouldn’t worry about emptying this one. The dirt is easy to dispose of and takes little effort.

Here’s what I really like about this vacuum. The brushroll is incredibly wide (this Bissell model has a cleaning path width of 13.5 inches.) So you end up taking less time to vacuum since more area is covered.

Some users marked upon an uncommon quality in this vacuum. Their best part was that you can take the whole thing apart, except the motor area. This can be really helpful if you want to wash it. But when it came to cleaning, this Bissell unit surely did its part.


  • Long 27” cord
  • Effective with pet hair
  • Easy to pivot
  • Easy to empty
  • Lightweight
  • Good value for money


  • Somewhat loud

3. BISSELL 2486 Cleanview Bagless Vacuum Cleaner

best bissell vacuum - Cleanview bagless

The great thing about this vacuum is the onboard storage. Using it, you can always have your crevice tool, dusting brush, extension wand, and TurboBrush tool nearby.

This is another bagless vacuum. Rest assured! It’s certainly no mess to empty. With the push of a button, your unit is emptied and the dirt is gone to the bin.

Similar to the previous vacuum, this Bissell model has a cleaning path width of 13.5 inches. So you cover more area and spend less time vacuuming.

However, this vacuum does have a shorter cord than the previous one. Though, it’s only shorter by two inches.

I should say that this vacuum has to edge-to-edge cleaning. I tend to use the crevice tool for these kinds of purposes.

However, if you want to use this vacuum to clean hardwood, I’d advise you to raise it up just a little. Also, don’t use the beater brush. You’ll find that it only tosses pet hair around on hardwood floors. But other than that, it’s a good option to consider.

One user commented about how effective this vacuum is. Others thought it’s extremely efficient with carpets. They found the hose to be a little short (and the assembly to be a little too hard!)


  • Extremely powerful suction
  • Lightweight
  • Wood floor-friendly
  • Compact


  • Beater brush isn’t compatible with hard floor
  • Hose can seem a little too short to some

4. Bissell 81L2A PowerEdge Pet Vacuum Cleaner

best bissell vacuum - PowerEdge

There’s something you’ll notice right away with this vacuum cleaner. Its prominent V-shape is undeniably unusual.

The V-shape isn’t just for looks. It helps direct debris to the center suction path. Meanwhile, the edges of the V catch smaller debris. All in all, it has a cleaning path width of 11.35.

This stick vacuum is effective when it comes to cleaning around furniture. Due to its V-shape and swivel steering, it’s particularly good at cleaning around an ottoman or a table’s legs.

There are also special rubber squeegees for hard floors. These rubber squeegees are basically soft rubber-covered wheels at the foot of the vacuum. They help capture pet hair without damaging the floor, so you get a spotless house.

Users noted that this vacuum is great with pet hair and dust on hardwood and tiles. However, one such user noticed that it wasn’t as great with carpets.


  • Satisfying dust capacity
  • Long cord
  • Has a right-angled V-shape
  • Ideal for cleaning edges and corners


  • Doesn’t have a hose

5. BISSELL 24613 Pet Hair Eraser Turbo Plus Lightweight Upright Vacuum Cleaner

best bissell vacuum - Lightweight Upright Cleaner

The Pet Hair Eraser is one of Bissell’s most popular products. Many would hail it as their best vacuum cleaner.

Now, this lightweight vacuum cleaner lives up to its name. Its 7 amp brushroll eliminates hair wrap, while powerful suction picks up on pet hair right away.

You can also do edge-to-edge cleaning with this vacuum. It’s effective with low-to-high pile carpets, rugs, and hard floors. When you’re cleaning, you can control the suction with the touch button.

People with allergies should consider this vacuum. It’s equipped with the Smart Seal Allergen System. You also get an optional Febreze filter that locks dust and allergens safely inside.

Yet, what really won me over with this vacuum is the on/off brushroll feature. You can turn the brushroll on and off as you like. Leave it on for carpets, and turn it off when you’re working with hard floors.

This vacuum certainly doesn’t cut back on accessories. With it, you get an LED crevice tool, Pet Turbo Eraser Tool, and 2-in-1 dusting brush.

One user couldn’t help but note the effect this vacuum had on her carpet. It sucked up grine, pet hair, and dirt exceptionally well. It’s 17.5 lbs, so she had no trouble lugging it around. Depending on each person, that could vary.


  • Lightweight; only 14.2 lbs
  • Extremely effective with pet hair
  • 30” long cord
  • Includes on/off brushroll feature
  • Agile and pivot-friendly


  • The canister is hard to empty


A spotless house isn’t that far out of reach. You could get it with something like BISSELL 2252 Cleanview Swivel Pet Upright Bagless Vacuum Cleaner. It’s lightweight, powerful, and maneuverable. Sure, it can be a little loud sometimes, but it compensates for it in other ways that you’ll appreciate.

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