Best Filterless Air Purifier Reviews

Usually, when you think of an air purifier, you also think about a filter that you have to regularly clean or replace. Did you know that not all air purifiers require a filter? It’s true, and not only are filterless air purifiers more low maintenance, but they’re also quieter and more energy-efficient compared to machines with a filter. Plus they tend to be cheaper in the long run.

In this article I provide a few tips and reviews to help you find the best filterless air purifier for your needs. If you’re in a rush, my top pick would be the Airfree P1000 Filterless Air Purifier. I’ll be reviewing that, and each of the following in detail this post. To know the exact price of each air purifier, click the “Check Price” button below each individual review.

Best Filterless Air Purifier Buying Guide

What Is A Filterless Air Purifier?

Typically, air purifying systems will use various types of filters when capturing different allergens and elements in the air. These can include a HEPA filter, activated carbon filters, pre-filters, and other filter layers.  As effective as these filters are, they require maintenance, costly replacements, and regular cleaning.  So, they’re not always great if you have a busy schedule or a tight budget.
However with a filterless air purifier, you don’t have to deal with the hassle of a filter. It can effectively purify the air, making the air you breathe healthy, fresh, and clean.

How A Filterless System Works

A filterless air purifier uses basic technologies to take airborne particles out of the air without the need for a filter. Here are a few of those technologies:

  • Heat Sterilization / Thermodynamics Method
  • UV-C Rays Method
  • The Ionization Method

Heat is used in the thermodynamics method to remove germs and microorganisms from the air. As the air passes through really high temperatures, these microorganisms are killed giving you a healthy working and living environment.
There are also units that use UV-C light to kill harmful substances in the air.

With the ionization method, airborne particles are pulled into the filter using negatively charged ions. Most of the germs and airborne particles around us have positively charges ions. With ionization, a large amount of negatively charged ions are released and will attract the positive ions within the airborne contaminants. Together they will form an ionic bond, become really heavy, and fall into the unit.

Considerations When Choosing A Filterless Air Purifier

  • Noise Level: If you are sensitive to noise, especially when you are sleeping, you will want to consider the noise level of the unit. If you want something quiet, look for a unit that is marked 15 decibels or less. Also, check reviews to see what other users are saying about its noise level.
  • Coverage Area: Always think about the coverage area of the unit you are considering. It will only be as effective as the room size that it is designed for. Measure the room you want to place the air purifier in and make sure the square footage matches what the machine can handle. As a pro tip, it is always helpful to get a unit that has a coverage rating that is a little higher than the room you plan to put it in.
  • Weight: If you don’t plan to move the unit a lot, the weight shouldn’t be too much of an issue. But if you do want to move it from room to room, you will want something lightweight and portable. Typically, a filterless air purifier won’t be heavier than 10 pounds with an average of five pounds being a good weight for a lightweight air purifier.
  • Others Features: With many advanced features these days, you will find filterless air purifiers offering different speeds, an automatic shut-off, and remote controls. If you plan to move the unit, look for handles that will let you easily carry it. You can even find some units that have Wi-Fi connectivity if you like to monitor and adjust your air purifier from your smartphone.

Advantages of a Filterless Air Purifier

  • Dry Air: A common complaint from users of air purifiers with filters is that they have sore throats when they wake up in the morning. With a filterless unit, you don’t hear the same complaints. A filterless air purifier can purify the air without changing the humidity in the room. Using a filterless system in your bedroom will remove the concern of sore throats and dry air.
  • Low Maintenance: One of the nicest benefits of a filterless air purifier is the lack of maintenance. You don’t need to clean the filter or even spend money to replace the filter. You can basically turn on the machine and forget about it.
  • Energy Efficient: With no fan in a filterless system, there are fewer parts and typically less electricity usage.
  • Noise Sensitivity: These systems are also pretty quiet. Since there isn’t a fan, you won’t have a lot of noise, which is great for those that have noise sensitivity or if you want to use it in the bedroom.
  • Other Benefits: Filterless air purifiers are also cheaper than air purifiers with filters as well as more portable and lighter. Over the long run, these machines are also cheaper as you will not have to continually invest in replacement filters.

Disadvantages of a Filterless Air Purifier

  • Odors: In comparison to air purifiers that have activated carbon filters, filterless air purifiers are not as effective when it comes to eliminating odors. Although, filterless air purifiers that use ozone-generation can be pretty effective when it comes to getting rid of smoke and odors from the air. However, many consumers have concerns about ozone-generation in the house.
  • Less Effective In Comparison to HEPA Filters: When a filterless air purifier is compared to a HEPA air purifier, it is simply not as effective. The built-in plates on the filterless air purifier are less active in attracting the smallest harmful invisible particles. Filterless machines also get weaker over time as more and more dirt builds up on the plates. Nothing is as effective as a true HEPA filter for removing the tiniest particles.  So if you have a serious problem, you might consider one of the HEPA machines, which I’ve reviewed

Best Filterless Air Purifier Reviews

1. Airfree P1000 Filterless Air Purifier

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Best Filterless Air Purifier - Airfree P1000

Using very efficient sterilizing technology, the Airfree P1000 can destroy allergens, tobacco, dander, pollen, viruses, bacteria, dust mites, and mold. It is totally silent and does not use a filter.

The process of the patented Thermodynamic TSS Technology is similar to boiling water. Using heat, the Airfree P1000 efficiently destroys microorganisms. No matter what hazardous or small pieces of matter pass through it, it will be destroyed. The Airfree P1000 is also rated safe to use by the Environmental Protection Agency.

Without a filter, you won’t have the extra cost of maintenance and filter replacements, plus this unit is totally silent providing a quiet indoor environment. Its award-winning design will work with any home décor, and the Airfree P1000 also consumes very little energy. This unit is recommended for room size of 450 sq. feet.

  • Silent operation
  • The product helps you stay healthier and gives rooms a cleaner smell
  • Works quickly and effectively to clean the air
  • Some have complained that the light on it is a little too bright
  • The outside of the unit gets pretty warm, which is something to consider if you have children or pets

2. Airfree Iris 3000 Air Purifier

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Best Filterless Air Purifier - Airfree Iris 3000

The compact Airfree Iris 3000 Air Purifier is a nice mix of design and technology. Perfect for use in larger rooms, it purifies the air and also combines a soothing night light that changes colors. Creating a comfortable room that is warm and welcoming, the Iris 3000 will destroy allergens, odors, dander, pollens, viruses, bacteria, and dust mites.
This highly efficient air purifier reduces harmful ozone levels found inside, and it is ideal for use in areas that have mold contamination. With its exclusive technology, Airfree can provide a silent unit that does not need any maintenance or filters. With its patented Thermodynamic TSS Technology, the Iris 3000 will destroy microorganisms as they pass through the system, no matter how small they are.
One of the biggest benefits of the Iris 3000 is its ease of use, plus it works without a filter eliminating the need for replacements. This totally silent unit is perfect for bedrooms and nurseries, and it features a nightlight that can emit one of ten colors allowing you to choose your favorite.
With its patented technology, the Iris 3000 doesn’t emit UV light, ions, or any dangerous emissions, and it can reduce ozone by 26%. It also has a low energy consumption rate. This portable air filter works well with any home décor while ridding your home of mold, bacteria, and allergens.

  • Effectively reduces indoor pollen and dust mite particles
  • Compact size
  • Very easy set up and use
  • It smells a little like boiling water
  • Only works well in small rooms

3. Airfree T800 Filterless Air Purifier

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Best Filterless Air Purifier - Airfree T800

This unit also uses Airfree’s patented thermodynamic technology to destroy allergens, tobacco, dander, pollens, viruses, bacteria, dust mites, and mold. It is also totally silent giving you Airfree’s well-known efficiency and performance. Simply plug in the machine and this small and portable machine will go to work.

The Airfree T800 also uses a low amount of energy, and it is recommended for a room up to 180 sq. feet in size. Created specifically for small rooms, this elegant and unique machine does need any maintenance or filter replacements.
Using natural air convection, contaminated air enters the unit and the microorganisms are killed by temperatures that reach almost 400 degrees Fahrenheit. Before it is returned to the environment, the sterilized air is cooled and the purified air will dissipate into the environment. Generating no dangerous emissions, the Airfree T800 removes toxic gas from the air that can cause damage to lung tissue and trigger asthma.

  • This filterless design works really well in bedrooms
  • It is very quiet and has a nice light on it
  • Compact size, can fit on a side table in your bedroom
  • Some consumers complained of an odor when you first use the machine
  • Only suitable for small rooms

4. Air Oasis 3000XG3 Air & Surface Purifier

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Best Filterless Air Purifier - Air Oasis

This filterless air purifier features an ionizer making it perfect for commercial use. This machine will work great in locker rooms, fitness centers, pet clinics, salons, and hotels. Not intended for home use, this air purifier is designed to rid an area of 99% of its contaminants.
Easy to use, you only need to turn it on and it will sanitize surfaces and clean the air of volatile organic compounds (VOCs), bacteria, and viruses. It also rids the area of odors and stale air allowing you to breathe fresh and healthy air. Featuring commercial technology, the 3000XG3 is designed for high-contamination areas.
The Air Oasis 3000XG3 can also get rid of odors in bedding, draperies, and carpets.

  • This is a very effective product for purifying the air
  • If you have venting issues, this product will clean your air
  • Suitable for high contamination sites
  • Some have complained of a strong smell in enclosed spaces

The Air Control Guy Winner: Airfree P1000 Filterless Air Purifier

For me, the winner of the best filterless air purifier is the Airfree P1000 Filterless Air Purifier. Airfree uses a patented sterilizing technique that can destroy allergens, mold, bacteria, and viruses with total efficiency. Through Thermodynamic Technology (think very hot boiling water), this machine destroys any harmful particle that passes through the air. And the best part is you don’t have to mess around with filters or replacements. It is also completely silent and uses very little energy.  I prefer this model, as it it slightly more powerful than the other 2 Airfree models on my list.

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