The Best HVAC Tool Bag: Ultimate Guide

Whether you are a professional or just looking to maintain a healthy environment in your house, you’ll acquire a lot of HVAC tools. And for keeping the tools safe, you’ll need to get the best HVAC tool bag out there.

HVAC tool bags will protect your tools and keep them safe from moisture and weather conditions. Not only that, but they’ll also increase your productivity because you’ll have quick access to your items.

In this article, I’ll list the best HVAC tool bags on the market. But first, I’ll guide you through the essentials of choosing these bags.

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Which Type of HVAC Tool Bag Should You Get?

There are a lot of HVAC tool bags on the market you can choose from. The layout and design you choose should depend on your usage. Some types are more suited for heavy-duty tasks, while other models can’t deliver much durability.

Here’s an overview of the most common types on the market.


Most HVAC tool bags on the market display a backpack design. There are a lot of reasons for that. For starters, backpacks are carried hands-free, which is pretty convenient while moving around. Additionally, it provides fair weight distribution because you don’t have to load one joint with the weight.

The downside to backpacks is that they don’t provide easy-access pockets as other types do. While you can take your tools out of a pouch bag instantly, it’s not the same with backpacks.


Pouch bags are the easiest to use because they offer top closure. That way, you can reach in for your tools in an instant while working.

Bear in mind that HVAC tool bags won’t be like your regular pouch bags, though. They have a top closure, but it’s mostly a zipper rather than a rope-pull mechanism.


Some bags offer you the perfect combination of backpack and pouch designs. These are ideal for people who want to enjoy the unique qualities of both bags. They’ll have well-distributed weight, and their closure will be easy enough for you to reach inside for your tools instantly.

These bags also have the option of carrying them with small handles, rather than the shoulder strap.

Do You Really Need an HVAC Tool Bag?

In my opinion, anyone who works in HVAC needs a tool bag. These tools are heavy; we all know it! A regular bag won’t suffice. You’ll need a durable, heavy-duty bag to endure the heavyweight and the bulky tools.

That’s not the only reason to use an HVAC tool bag. These beasts are designed so that you can easily reach inside for your things. They have pockets organized specially for this purpose.

While you’re working up a ladder, it’s hard to keep opening zippers and trying to get the tools stuck inside. That’s why getting a proper bag is essential.

Furthermore, HVAC tool bags can accommodate both small and large tools. You don’t have to separate them anymore. You can have them both in one bag, organized well for your own convenience.

I believe these bags are much more convenient than tool belts since they have extended room, and they can fit anything you put inside. When I used to have a tool belt, I dropped one or two tools each time I used it.

Lastly, HVAC tools sometimes include sharp, dangerous objects, such as hammers, drillers, and saws. You can’t carry those casually in any bag. HVAC tool bags are built to carry that kind of stuff so that you won’t face any issues.

All in all, yes, you definitely need an HVAC tool bag.

Essential Features to Consider When Choosing the Best HVAC Tool Bag

If you want to get the best HVAC tool bag out there, there are some essential features you ought to consider. That way, you ensure you won’t be paying your money in vain. Here’s an overview of each feature.


The HVAC tool bags’ durability majorly depends on the materials used in making them. Most market options are made of canvas or leather, and these are the highest quality materials.

However, the leather may be a bit heavier than you’d like. That’s why the fabric is the more convenient choice.

Other options are waterproof, which are more durable and more suitable for rainy conditions. Moreover, some materials are abrasion-resistant, offering better endurance and more longevity in life.

When choosing the material, you’ll have to weigh your options well. Do you want to get a lightweight material that won’t tire you out? You’ll have to sacrifice the durability, then, because lighter materials are more prone to tears and scratches.

Otherwise, if you don’t mind some extra weight on your back, you’ll be ensuring the bag stays with you for as long as possible.


Getting a bag with an ergonomic design is essential for increasing your productivity. An ergonomic design means the bag is easy to carry so that it doesn’t strain your hands or shoulders.

Additionally, it should give you easy access to most tools. You’ll be working on ladders and in tight spaces. Having a bag that’s hard to open is just purely inconvenient.

Lastly, the bag should stay stable on any surface you put it on. Bags with base panels are perfect for that, such as the VETO PRO tool bag.


While you may think the design and layout are the same, they’re not much related. The design is the bag’s overall shape, including the carrying method, the material, and the waterproofing. Meanwhile, the layout refers to the storage pockets and the assigned places for your tools.

The HVAC tool bag you pick should have enough space for all your tools, including the small and large ones.

You’ll be carrying clips and hooks on the one hand. On the other hand, you may be carrying drills and saws. Your bag should be able to accommodate all of that at once.

Not only that, but the bag should also separate your tools according to your usage. You should have assigned places for your daily tools and separate pockets for bulky tools, so they don’t scratch the small ones.

Lastly, your bag’s pockets should be easy to reach and open. You may need to reach for the bag in the middle of doing a hard task. An ill-placed pocket won’t be convenient in this case.


While you may think choosing a budget-friendly bag will save a lot of money, it won’t. It’ll only urge you to buy a new bag faster because it’ll wear out quicker than you think. That’s why it’s always better to choose wisely, especially when you’re on a tight budget.

A bag that offers good value for money is better than a cheap bag that’ll cost you near to nothing. At least you’ll know that you’re getting something back for every dollar you spend.

You can also land on a bag that comes with a warranty, so you can return it or have it repaired for free if any issue occurs. These options are better than choosing a low-price bag.

When it comes to heavy-duty jobs like HVAC, it’s better to make a considerate investment, especially that the tools are already expensive. You wouldn’t want a tool to rust or wear out because the bag isn’t reliable.

Unique Features

Some users love to have some extra features on their bags. For the sake of functionality or enjoying an innovative feature—it doesn’t matter, as long as they get it!

Some bags come bearing built-in LED lights, like the DEWALT DGL573 bag. These are pretty useful for working in tight spaces and under dim lights.

Meanwhile, some bags come with USB charging cables, which everyone needs at some point!

Some bags also have Bluetooth speakers included in the package, but they increase the cost drastically. Only opt for one of those if you really need a Bluetooth speaker! Other than that, the extra cost is unnecessary, and you could save it for another useful feature.

Weight Capacity

The bag’s weight capacity is essential to determine which tools you’ll be able to carry inside it. Before buying or choosing the bag, gather all the tools you intend to put inside the bag and weigh them. Their weight is the minimum weight capacity you should get.

The more, the better, because you may need to buy additional tools later on—you never know!

Gathering all the tools also helps you determine the number of pockets you need, so it’s a win-win move.


Dimensions are a key feature in choosing anything, not only bags. But it’s especially vital when choosing tool bags because you want to make sure the bag will fit all your tools while taking a compact space. Users who work on ladders will know exactly what I’m talking about.

Make sure the bag you’re getting will take all your tools but don’t get a bag that’s larger than normal. Remember that you’ll be the one carrying the bag, so no need to tire yourself out.

How to Care for and Maintain Your HVAC Tool Bag

HVAC tool bags are expensive, and they endure severe conditions. If you want your bag to last for as long as you use it, you’ll have to do some maintenance on your part.

Or else, be prepared to pay for a new bag sooner than expected. Here’s an overview of the bag’s essential components and how you can maintain them.


Since zippers are small, a lot of people consider them insignificant. However, they’re essential parts of the bag. If you have no zippers, you have no bag!

There are a lot of ways you can care for your zippers. For one, you should regularly check their coils for dirt and grit. Some dust will have inevitably accumulated over the time you’ve used the bag. You’ll want to clean that so the coils don’t get clogged.

Secondly, lubricating the zippers around two times a year is a must if you want them to live long enough. The HVAC working environment typically includes a lot of debris and dirt, which all end up in your bag one way or another.

Lubricating the zipper ensures all the dust is gone, and they’re smooth enough to open and close easily.

To lubricate the zippers, clean them first along with the coils. You can use dish soap and water for that. Afterward, scrub the coil carefully using an old toothbrush. Next, blow them out using an air hose, so they dry. Then, it’s time to lubricate them using any small brush you have lying around.

Lastly, you can protect the zippers by keeping them away from sharp objects and heat. Both are vital contributors to damaging zippers, unfortunately.


To protect the bag’s material, there’s one minor thing you’ll need to do: don’t overstuff the bag. Overstuffing the bag means you’re putting more tools than it can hold.

Therefore, you’ll be putting pressure on the material, and any sharp tool may stick out, cutting straight through the fabric.

Always keep your bag to its basic limit. Otherwise, the material will wear out quicker than it should.

One more thing you can do to protect the bag’s material is cleaning it regularly. You don’t have to give it a thorough wash frequently. All I’m asking is wiping the bag down after you’re done using it. You won’t believe how much that simple move will protect your gear and keep it durable for long.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some frequently asked questions about HVAC tool bags that may answer some of your dilemmas.

How do I protect my HVAC tools from moisture?

If you don’t have a waterproof bag, but you don’t want your tools to rust quickly, there are a couple of things to do. Firstly, you can use desiccant bags inside your tool bag. They’ll absorb the moisture and keep your tools dry.

On top of that, you can make sure to dry your tools off before placing them in the bag. That way, there won’t be any moisture inside.

Should HVAC tool bags be waterproof?

It’s not a rule, but waterproofing is the better option if you tend to work outside in wet conditions. Some bags even have watertight closures to protect the tools, but those are rare to find and expensive.

All in all, if you tend to work under the rain, it’s better to get a waterproof bag to protect your tools inside.

Can I keep electronics in my HVAC tool bag?

Some people keep their laptops in their tool bags, but I recommend against that. HVAC tools are bulky, and some of them are large. You don’t want those anywhere near your laptop. A mobile phone may be okay, since a small pocket will protect it, and it doesn’t have a large space area.

It’s different with laptops, though. There’s no means of protecting them while they’re inside the bag. If you’re going to do it, make sure the bag isn’t full of tools, and only keep the laptop inside for a short time.

Can my HVAC tool bag last for ten years?

Yes, it can. How long your HVAC tool bag will last solely depends on its durability and your usage. If your bag is high quality and robust, and if you treat it carefully and maintain it whenever it needs it, it may last for up to ten years or more.

Can I wash my HVAC tool bag?

Of course. All HVAC tool bags are washable, but not all of them will be safe for washing machines. You’ll find the washing instructions on the bag; it’ll tell you whether you should wash it by hand or automatically.

Do HVAC tool bags come with a warranty?

A lot of them do, but not all of them. You’ll have to refer to the bag’s details to find out about that. Most warranties will be limited, but one company or two will offer lifetime warranties, which naturally gives them an edge over competitors.

How are HVAC tool bags cleaned?

Tool bags mostly don’t need much maintenance. You’ll only need to clean your bag every once in a while, in addition to wiping it after you finish each job.

To clean your bag, you can use some dish soap. It’ll remove any grease on the material. As for the occasional wiping, you can use any wet cloth for that, but it’s preferred to use warm water.

The 5 Best Hvac Tool Bags on the Market for 2021

In this list, I compiled the best options on the market in terms of affordability, functionality, and durability. You’ll find different budgets and various designs to fit every need. Hop on!

1. CLC Custom LeatherCraft 1539 Multi-Compartment 50 Pocket Tool Bag

If you’re big on organizing your stuff in separate pockets, you’ll love this bag from Custom LeatherCraft. It comes packing a hefty total of 50 pockets, which is pretty sufficient to pack all your stuff—big or small. The bag’s pockets are arranged in a vertical setting, so all your tools are easily accessible while you’re working. Additionally, the bag can hold large hand tools, thanks to the main compartment that can fit anything you throw at it. Aside from the large size, my favorite thing about this compartment is that it separates the power tools from the external pockets. The bag features a durable build, so you can use it during tough jobs all you want. The straps are all solid, and the zippers are heavy-duty; they won’t let any tool slip through. Moreover, the main shoulder strap has padding on the inside to carry the bag comfortably without causing you pain. Along with the shoulder strap, the handles are also padded, in case you prefer to carry your tool bag like you’d take a duffel bag. All in all, the bag is pretty affordable for the features it offers. On top of that, it’s very well-made, and most users who tried it were content with it. For the price tag it comes with, I’d say it’s quite the bargain.


  • Organized vertical pockets design
  • Padded shoulder straps for comfortable carrying
  • A great value of money
  • Spill-proof zippers to prevent any tools from falling through


  • Non-waterproof material
  • The bag could’ve had a lighter weight

2. DEWALT DGL573 Lighted Technician’s Tool Bag

If you love innovative products, this DEWALT tool bag may be the one for you. For starters, it comes with three-level LED light that comes in handy in dark places.

This feature is rare to come by in tool bags since most of the market options focus on basic functionality. However, DEWALT aimed to impress, and they sure did!

You can freely adjust the LED light’s three levels to fit your vision. Whether you’re working in a wide or a tight area, you’ll find a suitable light illumination level to use.

I wish I had this feature back in the day. It would’ve made it much easier to work close-up!

As for the bag’s storage qualities, it comes with 41 pockets—not as many as the Custom LeatherCrafts bag, but still impressive. The pockets will let you organize your tool as per your personal preference; they come in various sizes to fit all tools.

The pockets are distributed on the bag’s front, sides, and back. They’re all easy to access while you’re working, for both small and large tools. On top of that, there’s a large central compartment for bulky power tools.

The bag has a padded base so that it stays stable on the floor or any surface you place it on. The bottom also increases the bag’s durability, so it stays intact for as long as you use it.

Not only that, but the bag’s material is also abrasion-resistant.


  • LED light included for close-up work
  • Abrasion-resistant material for durability
  • Padded handles for comfortable carrying
  • A lot of storage pockets available


  • The LED lights drain the battery fast


The VETO PRO tool bag is one of the best choices for anyone who wants a heavy-duty bag that’ll endure hardcore working. It’ll burn a hole through your wallet, but it’s worth every dollar you’ll pay for it.

The bag is designed to be taken anywhere. You can carry it while working up the ladder, travel with it, or walk long distances carrying it. Its design aims at performing well in all these cases, and it’s meant for HVAC professionals.

The bag’s molded base has a waterproofing layer so that you can place it on a wet surface without a worry. Plus, it’s high enough to keep the water away from the fabric, which should put your mind at ease.

The bag has a total of 56 pockets, which is the largest number yet on our list. It’s full of small pockets on the inside to organize your stuff.

Although the pockets inside are pretty sufficient for your tools, there are also a lot of external pockets for further convenience. You’ll find a pocket for every tool, no matter how large or bulky it is.

The Veto Pro’s handle has a quick-release mechanism, so you can open it and close it in an instant whenever you need to. Luckily for you, this means less pressure and strain on your arm joints while working.

The bag’s back panel has EVA foam padding, so it feels comfortable against your body, forming a barrier between your back and the sharp tools. On top of that, the bag is lightweight, so you only have to endure the weight of the HVAC tools you’re carrying.

Bags that are heavyweight while empty are too inconvenient for my liking.


  • Quick-release handle mechanism for convenience
  • EVA-foam panel for proper weight distribution
  • Lightweight for easy carrying


  • Some pockets are too small to accommodate HVAC tools

4. WORKPRO 16-inch Close Top Wide Mouth Tool Storage Bag

When it comes to durability, the WORKPRO bag is hard to match. It’s made of 600D polyester, which ensures unmatched durability and endurance against tough jobs. Add to that the delicate stitching that adorns the material, and you get an impeccable HVAC tool bag.

The WORKPRO has pockets on the inside and outside, along with storage belts, making it easy to organize the tools and keep them separated inside.

Not only that, but the bag also features a wide mouth design that makes it easy for you to reach inside. In addition, the zipper is double-pull for easier access.

The bag is waterproof, making it ideal for working in rainy conditions. Additionally, it’s abrasion-resistant, so it’ll keep your tools protected, and it’ll stay intact for longer.

As for carrying it, it’ll be a breeze thanks to the padded shoulder handles that come with it.

Despite all that, some customers thought the pockets were designed to make them hard to use. Some users mentioned they’re placed on the bag’s side, making it hard to reach them. Meanwhile, other users found the pockets too small to accommodate the tools.

Personally, I think the bag’s durability and good looks make up for it. The pockets could’ve been better designs, yes. However, the bag will work perfectly well for users who love to put everything in one place. The wide mouth will also help you keep the bag open as you work, accounting for easier access, and better productivity.


  • Waterproof material to keep your tools dry
  • Comfortable shoulder handles thanks to the padding
  • A total of 21 pockets for storing small tools and items


  • The pockets are a bit hard to make use of

5. Klein Tools 55421BP-14 Tool Bag Backpack

If backpacks are your go-to choice when it comes to tool bags, you’re going to love this Klein bag. Aside from its affordable price, it also offers unmatched storage space for tools. Given its relatively compact size, you’d think it doesn’t fit all tools, but it’s quite the opposite. The bag comes bearing 39 pockets, fitting all tools. There’s a large front pocket with hard molding. The pocket is meant for safety glasses to protect them from breaking. Under that pocket, there’s another large zippered pocket for items that you need quick access to. The awesomeness isn’t done yet. The Klein Tools bag features a robust molded base that offers maximum protection for the bag and its contents. You can throw the bag anywhere and palace it on any sharp surface; the material will stay intact. The base also contributes to the bag’s stability on any surface, no matter how small or tight. Not only that, but the bag is water-resistant, too, to ensure maximum durability. The Klein bag has a vibrant orange interior that helps you visualize your tools easier and quicker. Your eyes will instantly fall on the tool you’re needing, thanks to the bright background. Customers who actually got the bag praised the ballistic weave build of the bag’s interior. They said it’s well-built and ‘feels very durable.’ Lastly, the bag’s handles are pretty comfortable to use, thanks to the padding they come with. The only downside to this bag is its zippers, which aren’t as durable as they should’ve been. However, with the affordable price, there are some things you’ll inevitably have to sacrifice, and having non-durable zippers doesn’t seem too bad.


  • Vibrant orange interior for locating your tools fast
  • The durable molded base for maximum protection
  • Comfortable handles to avoid shoulder strain
  • A lot of storage space available for your tools


  • The zippers are non-durable

The Final Verdict

My top pick for the best HVAC tool bags is the CLC Custom LeatherCraft 1539. It comes bearing 51 pockets, which is impressive, considering the bag has a relatively compact size. Not only that, but the pockets are also ingeniously designed in a vertical setting to make it easier for you to reach inside for the tools. If the CLC bag is out of your budget, you can take a look at the WORKPRO 16-inch, which is the most affordable option on my list. Its wide-mouth design appeals to many users because it’s highly convenient to use. Plus, the bag offers a spacious interior.
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