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Hi Everybody!  Welcome to Air Control Guy. I’m John – the Air Control Guy – and I’m passionate about comfortable and clean living. I believe that starts with eliminating the toxic pollutants found in all of our homes and taking actionable steps to improve the quality of the air we breathe in every day.

Air Control Guy

Growing up in New Jersey I always suffered from summertime asthma, seasonal allergies and dry skin conditions in the winter. I can still remember all of the inhalers, debilitating sinus headaches, and painful cracking skin that used to plague me year-round.

Over the past decade I’ve learned that I can cure these unpleasant conditions and the quality of my life just by taking control of the indoor air quality of my home. I’ve done extensive research around indoor air quality, and I’ve tested hundreds of remedies and products, ranging from humidifiers, dehumidifiers, air purifying plants, and more intricate heating and air conditioning units.

As I learned more and improved the quality of my living space, I began to watch my symptoms disappear. This journey has been life changing for me, and I’ve decided to share with all of you the wealth of knowledge I’ve gained over the years.

At Air Control Guy, we want you to breath fresh and feel comfortable in your homes all year long.

Our motto: Breath Better. Live Better.

Man At Home Breathing Comfortably

Everything you find on Air Control Guy has been personally vetted and approved by me to ensure we give you the best possible information available. I am constantly updating the site to ensure you have the latest and greatest. I always rely on a combination of my personal experiences, extensive research and real consumer feedback when recommending products to you.

I have decided to publish all of this information to deliver you non-biased, honest feedback, so that you can make the best decisions when it comes to dramatically improving the quality of your living space for you and your loved ones (pets too!).

I hope you’ll find great value in the tips and guides on Air Control Guy, and I look forward to seeing your feedback in the comments sections!

John, the Air Control Guy

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